New Official Trails Lore Video Summates Primary Antagonists, Ouroboros

Developer Nihon Falcom has shared another Trails lore video, this time summating the existence of Ouroboros, an organization of antagonists that spans the series.

A few brief images in that video can be considered spoilery, but those unfamiliar with the story won’t be able to assess them except for two. They can spoil Trails in the Sky FC and Trails of Cold Steel I, so keep that in mind if you desire to watch.

A translation of the Ouroboros lore video is below, via Clouded Leopard Entertainment, though we have fixed misspellings and other typos:


A crime syndicate that has been active all over the Zemurian continent, often referred to as the “Society,” or the “Serpent.”

They have played a role in every major incident that has occured on the continent in the past few years.

Drafted by the Grandmaster, the Seven Snake Apostles (Anguis) are in charge of the strategic planning and command of the Orpheus Final Plan.

These plans are then executed by powerful agents known as Enforcers.

Each Enforcer carries out their plans with superhuman strength, but it is rumored that they have been granted total autonomy by the Grandmaster, which is typically unheard of for such an organization.

There are currently up to 19 confirmed Enforcers.

You can view the latest Trails lore video below:

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