New Official Trails Lore Video Explains The Iscariot

Nihon Falcom has shared another lore video for the Trails series, this time summating the Iscariot. This subject matter and the way the video discusses it doesn’t contain any real spoilers to specific games.

Of course, if you’re yearning to avoid all lore entirely, then you’re better off not viewing our translations and the video below, but this topic is rather niche in the grand scheme of things. With that being said, anyone should be able to view this content without being legitimately spoiled about characters or story events.

However, to be completely safe, I will say that this is all best viewed if one has fully experienced Trails of Cold Steel IV and Kuro no Kiseki

You can view a translation of this video’s contents below, courtesy of our team’s Ryuji. The narration is performed by René, a character from Kuro no Kiseki:

René: Iscariot. An organization that falls under the jurisdiction of the Septian Church’s Papal Guard. Their identities are mostly unknown, except to the highest ranking cardinals within the Church.

Their main mission is to eliminate those who are deemed “heretical” and cannot be punished unless outside the normal rules of international law. Additionally, it seems that they are often at odds with the Gralsritter.

The exact details are unknown, but it appears that their members wield power far beyond that of ordinary individuals through the use of a mysterious magical tool. There are rumors that the Chief Priest who unites them seems to have been replaced, but their true identity is kept secret even among a select few of the Church and has yet to be officially revealed.

You can view the latest Trails lore video below:

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