New Octopath Traveler II Trailer Introduces Ochette’s & Castii’s Settings & Gameplay Toolkits; Side Stories, Screenshots

New Octopath Traveler II Trailer Introduces Ochette’s & Castii’s Settings & Gameplay Toolkits; Side Stories, Screenshots

Square Enix has shared a brand new character trailer for their upcoming turn-based JRPG, Octopath Traveler II, introducing Ochette, the Hunter, and Castti, the Apothecary.

Ochette, voiced by Suzie Yeung, is a hunter who resides on the isle of Toto’haha alongside other Beastlings. Humans also live on the island, but everything’s rather carefree and peaceful despite the races’ differences. However, a forthcoming calamity, the Night of the Scarlet Moon, causes Ochette to leave her home, setting sail in search of those who could aid her people’s plight.

Characters she will meet throughout her journey include:

  • Isle Warden, Juvah, voiced by Jaimeson Price
    • Ochette’s master and leader of the beastlings who live on Toto’haha. He hopes she will one day become a protector of the island.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT004

  • Akalā, voiced by Daman Mills
    • A lājackal, radiant in the sun’s grace. He acts as both a younger and older brother to Ochette along her journey.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT005

  • Mahina, voiced by Cristina Vee
    • A malamaowl, serene in the grace of the moon. She acts as both a younger and older sister to Ochette along her journey.

The vicinity of Southeastern Solistia primarily comprises an ocean with various islands, with Toto’haha being the largest. Continental pioneers first reached this particular landmass around two decades ago. The island’s western side is home to the aforementioned Beastlings, people with fluffy tails.

On the other hand, the island’s eastern side houses the harbor town established by the initial continental pioneers, Tropu’hopu. It has become a resort for those with deep pockets, thanks to its geographical closeness to New Delsta. In addition to serving as a vital stop in trade routes between the eastern and western continents, several luxury goods are sold here, such as coffee beans.

Ochette’s daytime Path Action is Provoke, letting her set a monster loose onto a townsperson, initiating a battle. Victory will cause the opponent to become unconscious, while incurred losses will result in a mired reputation, preventing all Path Action usage.

Alternatively, Ochette’s nighttime Path Action is Befriend, which encourages a townsperson to travel alongside the party. However, specific items like jerky are needed for them to join.

Ochette’s Battle Talent is Capture & Prepare, comprising passive monster capture after battles conclude. The success rate is amplified by decreased enemy health, exposed weaknesses, status ailments, and an active broken state. Only a certain number of monsters can be captured at a time, though. These creatures can then be summoned into battle as often as one desires, allowing for strategic compensation in areas the main party lacks.

Captured monsters can also be transformed into items at any time on the field, becoming recovery products and recruitment items for townspeople. More powerful monsters will become more valuable and useful items.

Lastly, Ochette’s Latent Power is Animal Instincts, opening a variety of powerful skills that do not require any SP. Some examples include Beastly Claws, devastating multiple foes with a physical strike, and Beastly Fans, a single-target strike.

“All right, Master Juvah. I’ll do it. I’ll find those Creatures of Legend and bring them back.”

Castti Florenz, voiced by Sarah Weidenheft, is an apothecary who begins her tale in the port town, Harborlands. She awakes as an amnesiac, and the only clues to her identity are her apothecary skills and the satchel she wears. As a result, she understandably sets out on a journey to discover who she is.

A character she will meet throughout her adventure is:

  • Malaya, voiced by Heather Gonzalez
    • A traveling apothecary who is awestruck by Castti, whose skills persist despite her memory loss. She is moved by Castti’s desire to help the townspeople and decides to lend her a helping hand.

OT2 202301 PUB04 DOT010

Amidst the twisting coastline in Southern Solistia, the port of Canalbrine can be found, where, during the Age of Exploration a century ago, ships from this town’s piers would discover sea routes to the eastern continent.

The port’s iconic symbol is its colossal lighthouse, acting as a guide for travelers worldwide. It was built two decades ago by engineers who fled the U’s destruction. The reflector plate is made of special ore, boasting incredible light reflection that is said to even be seen in New Delsta. Moreover, the church is another significant spot, ideal for proselytizers and evangelists of the Sacred Flame faith from the east.

Castii’s daytime Path Action is Inquire, letting her obtain information from townspeople if her level is high enough. Alternatively, her nighttime Path Action is Soothe, relieving suffering townspeople of their agony and helping them sleep peacefully. Specific items are needed for treatment, though, and the type varies depending on the patient.

Castii’s Battle Talent is Concot, combining ingredients to create compounds that can heal allies and damage foes. Boosting in battle heightens the number of utilized materials, with significant benefits granted if the proper ones are mixed.

Lastly, Castii’s Latent Power is Every Drop Counts, giving her the ability to Concoct without using any ingredients. Specifically, each instance of Drop Count will lower the necessitated materials, with a max mid-battle boost, conserving up to five ingredients.

“I need to rediscover who I am. And…there’s something else. Something important I’m forgetting…”

Like the other introduced party member pairs, Castii and Ochette have their own Crossed Paths story. In Cropdale Village, the two investigate the nearby woods after hearing reports of hunting efforts not being as effective as they usually are.

Octopath Traveler II 1 1

A newly emphasized storytelling mechanic is that each party member has multiple objectives to fulfill. As a few explicitly provided examples, Throné can pursue Father in the thieves’ town of Winterbloom or seek Mother with the civilization of Oresrush housing clues.

Instead of following the main story, Partito can follow the realm’s Scent of Commerce, and Ochette can choose which of two animal companions will aid her. Mahina specializes in elemental attacks, and Akalā embraces physical maneuvers.

Side Stories, essentially side quests, can be found at several points and areas in the game. Some of these Stories have multiple ways to resolve them via Path Actions, so thinking outside the box may be worthwhile.

On a final note, players are able to fast-forward event scenes, text speed, and even battles themselves. Events and battles, in particular, can be sped up to twice as fast as their original runtime.

You can view newly provided Octopath Traveler II screenshots via our gallery below:

You can view the new Ochette and Castii Octopath Traveler II trailer below:

Octopath Traveler II is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on February 24, 2023.

This new standalone sequel in the series will add new mechanics, such as a full day/night cycle, with the characters’ path actions differing depending on the time of day. Additionally, unlike the first game, the cast of this entry is promised to interact more, with the “Crossed Paths” stories incorporating two protagonists.

Octopath Traveler is now available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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