UPDATES: Octopath Traveler II Introduces Merchant Partitio & Scholar Osvald; Screenshots, Skills, Sea Travel & More

Square Enix has uploaded a new trailer for their upcoming HD-2D turn-based JRPG, Octopath Traveler II. This time, the Merchant, Partitio Yellowil, and the Scholar, Osvald V. Vanstein, are introduced in both story and combative contexts. Further, their path actions are showcased.

Partito, voiced by Jas Patrick, begins his journey in the Wildlands, where he witnesses his hometown fall victim to poverty. He then makes his goal a rather altruistic one, bringing prosperity to all via commerce. Characters he will meet throughout his story include the following:

  • Papp, voiced by Keith Silverstein
    • Partitio’s father and the man who taught him all he knows about commerce. He came to this barren land 16 years ago and helped buildOresrush from the ground up.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT004

  • Roque, voiced by Richard Tatum
    • Papp’s business partner. He and Papp purchased a promising plot of land, anticipating it would be rich in silver. It has since bloomed into the town of Oresrush. Partitio admires him for being a pioneer in business.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT005

  • Ori, voiced by Jeannie Tirado
    • A scrivener for the Delsta Times who travels the world looking for the latest scoop. Partitio’s actions have caught her eye, and she seemingly appears out of thin air to get all the juicy details.

The Wildlands are in Northwest Solistia, and it primarily consists of volcanic rock and barren land. Small mining towns in the vicinity, like Oresrush established by Papp and Roque, take advantage of the volcanic soil’s embedded, valuable minerals. Interestingly, there is a large breed of goat who “subsist on a meager fare of local weed.” Further, the milk produced by these goats results in some tasty cheese. Interesting worldbuilding.

Partitio’s daytime path action is Purchase, while his nighttime path action is Hire. The former allows him to buy items from townspeople, and the latter lets him hire helpers for battle. Moreover, his Talent, “Business Partners,” can potentially result in shop discounts, free items, greater received currency when selling, and fewer required resources for battle skills. Lastly, his Latent Power is “Hoot and Holler,” enabling him to replenish a party member’s BP fully.

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Osvald, voiced by Alejandro Saab, begins his journey in the Winterlands where he’s imprisoned for life for supposedly killing his wife and daughter. He has spent 1,879 days in confinement.

“Harvey—the man who took everything from me— shall die by my hand. I swear it.”

Osvald understandably seeks vengeance. Characters he will meet throughout his story include the following:

  • Harvey, voiced by Craig Lee Thomas
    • A scholar of magic who is on par with Osvald. He continues his research into the seventh source of magic, which differs from the six known elements of fire, ice, lightning, wind, light, and darkness.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT010

  • Emerald, voiced by Andy Barnett
    • A fellow prisoner of Osvald’s on Frigit Isle. He leverages his knowledge as an informant to help Osvald escape.

OT2 202211 PUB02 DOT011

  • Lady Clarissa, voiced by Leigha Horton
    • Osvald’s research assistant. She believes that Osvald is innocent and watches over his study in his absence.

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The Winterlands are in Northern Solistia, a land of intense ice and snow. The region’s Capital is the mountain city of Stormhail, where the Sacred Guard resides. Formed 380 years ago by Archbishop Kinchler, this organization aims to “uphold law and order across the continent.” Regarding commerce, the town of Cape Cold at the coast is home to fishermen who catch the local delicacy, comprising salmon, trout, mackerel, squid, and more. Agricultural and textile work is common here as well. Unfortunately, a form of barley has been making the rounds.

Osvald’s daytime path action is Scrutinize, while his nighttime path action is Mug. The former allows him to sneakily gather information in towns at a chance, though his reputation will diminish if failed. Mug is self-explanatory; Osvald battles townspeople to take their spoils if he emerges victorious. It is also worth noting that no path actions will be possible if one’s reputation is too low.

Osvald’s Talent is arguably one of the most beneficial ones, “Study Foe.” He will automatically scan enemies’ affinities right as a battle begins, informing players of their weaknesses and resistances. Lastly, Osvald’s Latent Power, “Concentrate Spells,” lets him hone an ordinarily multi-target spell into an incredibly potent single-target one.

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Osvald and Partitio will have a Crossed Paths scenario where they encounter a man collapsed on the street, turning out to be an Astronomer and an old friend of Osvald’s. The two party members will find themselves dealing with this man’s conflicts.

A brand new gameplay element introduced in this entry is sea travel. Players will initially have access to canoes to travel to towns and caverns, while a full-on vessel will be useable later in the title. Continents can be traveled between, and previously inaccessible islands can be reached. Further, the vessel’s color and sail emblem can be customized via selectable choices.

Several new English screenshots were shared, viewable below:

You can view the new Octopath Traveler II trailer introducing the Merchant and the Scholar below:

Square Enix has shared official new artwork, viewable via our gallery below:


Additionally, new clips of the Merchant’s and Scholar’s daytime path actions were shared, respectively, viewable below:

Octopath Traveler II is releasing for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on February 24, 2023.

This new standalone sequel in the series will add new mechanics, such as a full day/night cycle, with the characters’ path actions differing depending on the time of day. Additionally, unlike the first game, the cast of this entry is promised to interact more, with the “Crossed Paths” stories incorporating two protagonists.

Octopath Traveler is now available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC via Steam.

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