[UPDATES] New NieR:Automata Room Discovery By Mysterious Reddit User Has Everyone Going Wild; It’s Probably Yoko Taro Playing Around With Us

A recent apparent discovery in NieR:Automata has taken the community by storm, with Reddit user sadfutago having posted a mystifying video of a never-before-seen room in the game. Their name translates to “Sad Twins,” potentially referencing Popola and Devola.

A secret door was found in the Copied City area, comprising a ladder leading down to a winding hallway, which then leads to an eerie church-like room with a child mannequin placed on an altar.

Of course, this has initiated an immense degree of speculation primarily because this room can not be seen by clipping out of the map. Further, the modding capabilities required to make such a room would be absurdly impressive. When entering the room, A2 asks, “Woah. What’s that?” The pod replies, “Unknown,” with A2’s final voiced line being “You’re useless.” This dialogue has been found to be reused.

The modding community also recently released a statement stating that they followed directions from sadfutago, but they could not reach this new area. The consensus seems to be that this whole scenario has been orchestrated by Yoko Taro, perhaps as a marketing stunt to drum up further interest for the game’s upcoming Nintendo Switch port.

There is also apparently a cameo of what some claim to be Weiss from NieR Replicant? It’s all pretty wild. Some fans are even believing the child on the altar to be Yonah from NieR Replicant, with the dark blob nearby representing that game’s protagonist. Additionally, Devola and Popola’s staves can be spotted in the footage.

The original poster, sadfutago, provided the following information regarding the version of the game he was playing:

Adding on to the mystery, executive producer Yosuke Saito posted a tweet simply stating, “Eternal Mystery…”. Then, just as I was about to publish this article, Yoko Taro himself tweeted, saying, “Do you want to know about my insight? In that case, you can find answer at my twitter profile. Thank you.”

Humorously, if one looks at Taro’s Twitter profile, it says, “I can’t answer about any products. Please ask publisher. I can’t reply DM except business and acquaintance.” So, I suppose we must ask Square Enix? Who really knows.

Immense thanks to Twitter user @DrakeNierTweets for summating these intriguing developments. If you’re interested, I recommend viewing their full thread for more details. We’ll also be updating this article if any more significant events occur.

Twitter user @manfightdragon has also provided their own insight into the matter. They discovered the seemingly final secret of the title last year.

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UPDATE 7/28/2022: New videos have been posted. The first reveals a brand new enemy and a treasure chest hacking segment, with 9S revealing new narrative descriptions. The second video shows that after defeating the new enemy, a bird bath is interactable, prompting Japanese dialogue translated to the following:

To whom does the true voice speak? To whom does the true form show itself? You must answer. I ask: Why did humans disappear from this world?

This question and its accompanying choices are taken straight from NieR Replicant, with the correct option being “Because of a black disease.” However, the player instead chooses “Because their lives are short.”

UPDATE 7/28/2022: User sadfutago has shared several new images overtly referencing Drakengard 3. That game’s protagonist, Zero, the Intoners, and other elements are robustly depicted. Is this simply a fan now? Who knows. That belief is rather split at the moment. I’m on the Yoko Taro copium right now. At the very least, whoever is doing this possesses incredible game-altering knowledge.

You can view these latest developments via the progressed Twitter thread below:

Now, the Twitch account of sadfutago has been posted, with them seemingly going live at 5:00 AM EST. Interestingly, their Reddit profile states, “No ARG.”

FINAL UPDATE 7/29/2022: The live stream revealed all of these efforts to be the work of fans.

NieR:Automata released in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC, with an Xbox One release in 2018. The game follows the stories of androids 2B and 9S, who are part of an elite military force called YoRHa. In a fusion between action, exploration, and shmup elements, the game is very popular for its storytelling and characters. Additionally, it’s a sequel to NieR ReplicantNieR Gestalt. A Nintendo Switch port is releasing October 2022.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the first entry’s remake, Replicant.

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