New Mass Effect Poster Revealed for N7 Day; Hinting at Next Installment in the Series

It’s that time of year again. When Mass Effect fans get together to celebrate, spend money on Garrus Body Pillows, and ask when the next Mass Effect will be released.

Well, there’s still nothing in the form of game details since the announcement teased last year. However, Bioware continues to drip-feed information to fans to keep us on our toes.

The developer shared a new poster for the game in celebration of this day. What draws the eye immediately is a small crew walking from the Normandy to the heart of a crater. However, any fan would recognize a very familiar figure when taking a step back to look at the impact site, revealing the figure of a Geth.

The Geth are the main combatants in the original Mass Effect and would make special returns in the following games, excluding Andromeda. So, could this poster reveal that the Geth are making a return as antagonists in this new title?

After all, the Geth have a troubled past, and even with Shepard’s intervention, there would be bad blood between them and the rest of the Galaxy at large. Either way, the promise has been made that Mass Effect will continue.

We’ll keep you updated with news and updates as they become available.

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You can take a peak at the full poster below:

Mass Effect

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