New ‘Loop8: Summer of Gods’ Trailer Details Gameplay Loop

Publisher XSEED Games and Marvelous have shared a new trailer for their upcoming time-travel RPG Loop8: Summer of Gods, detailing the gameplay loop prospective players can anticipate.

Kegai take control of innocent townspeople utilizing negativity, and once you learn of its next target, you must strengthen your chosen party and battle the respective boss to save the individual.

Characters don’t level up traditionally, with character strength instead reliant on the relationships you build as the main character. Friendship, Affection, and Hate are the three relationship ratings. Interactions will alter those values. Further, characters also have these ratings with other party members, affecting combat and scenes.

This title features a dynamic, emotional AI with its own mood determined by your actions, enabling unique playthroughs. The Demon Sight ability of the protagonist, Nini, can perceive the intricacies of this AI’s desires, letting you be better informed on how to choose specific options. Though this wasn’t elaborated upon, mood and atmosphere will affect the success rate of choices.

The Underworld is where you’ll be saving characters afflicted by the Kegai. Trials must be undertaken here to achieve magatamas to get past barriers. These trials’ locations and requirements are random, making you sacrifice health, perform combat, or undergo a stat check.

In combat, party members are AI-controlled, and the team’s collective relationship with the character the boss has possessed will determine its difficulty. For example, party members the boss-controlled character dislikes will become more challenging, denoted by a purple aura on their icon, whereas vice versa will make the icon orange.

Moreover, attacks themselves are embedded with one of the three relationship attributes, with Hate having the most power at the cost of raising the boss’ abilities. Alternatively, Friendship-based strikes will lower the boss’ strength.

Interestingly, if you have party members who hate the boss character, the counterattacks will do more significant damage. Thankfully, Nini’s Demon Sight can be used here to assess everyone’s emotions and intentions.

Throughout this game, the protagonist Nini and his classmates try to fend off demonic entities known as Kegai. They have driven mankind to the verge of extinction. Nini, raised on a failed space station called “Hope,” decides to spend his summer in Ashihara, one of humanity’s final sanctuaries. However, he finds himself having to use a gift from the gods, the ability to reset the world. With this skill, the cast repeatedly relives the eighth month to hopefully defeat the Kegai once and for all.

This title takes place around 1983 in the setting of Ashihara. The vast cast can be bonded with, and they all have their own secrets to uncover, with player choice determining their potential antagonism or friendliness.

You can view the new gameplay trailer for  Loop8: Summer of Gods below:

Loop8: Summer of Gods will launch on June 6, 2023, for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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