Bloober Team Teases New ‘Layers of Fear’ Project Will be Revealed Soon

Bloober Team has shared an image for an unannounced project currently in development. The game is assumed to be a Layers of Fear title after a Tweet from the Layers of Fear Twitter account shared, “Reach beneath the surface and uncover the source of your fears.”

The new title was previously teased and confirmed to be developed using Unreal Engine 5.

Layers of Fear 2 initially launched in 2019 as a first-person horror adventure. The game is a story-driven exploration title where players discover the past of the character they play as. Uncovering this past opens a few wounds, but while you do this, strange things begin to happen around you.

A new Layers of Fear project would likely include new development techniques the studio learned while developing The Medium. This Silent Hill-inspired survival horror really put the developer on the map as a proper horror developer.

During The Medium, players will assume the role of Marianne, a medium hounded by visions living and interacting across two worlds, the real and the spirit realm. Everything needs to be questioned during gameplay. Players need to view events from two different angles, both of which contain scary themes.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the new project from this developer.

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