New Japan Dental Clinic Somehow Uses Ys Logo; “Take The First Step into Dentistry”

A recently discovered dentist’s office in Japan has been causing quite the commotion in the Falcom community since, for some reason, part of its name uses the Ys logo.

Located at 210-5 Muro, Kikuchi District, Kumamoto 869-1235, Japan, no one quite knows how or why this dentist’s office is using the Ys logo. It’s a genuine mystery. Its website seems relatively normal at a glance, so maybe they happened to randomly use the Ys logo without checking its history. I have no idea.

The dental clinic’s website has the following description, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

Not many people come to the dentist because they want to.
In fact, most come only because they have no choice.

We understand what it is like to take the first step into dentistry and what it is like to sit on the examination table very well.
So, to easen your feelings, we try to do our best to “cut as little as possible, extract as little as possible, and do so painlessly”.

This is our basic medical policy, and it permeates through all of our staff members.
Now, take your first step towards a great dental health!

Prevention is the best treatment. Let’s take on that challenge together.
We also make house calls. Please feel free to contact us for any consultation.

There is a part of me that believes Falcom is somehow running this office from behind the scenes, but realistically, that’s probably not what’s happening. This entire situation seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Still, all we can really do is wait and see what develops.

You can view more information about this dental clinic via its official website.

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