New Jake Hunter Entry Teaser Dropped by Arc System Works

Arc System Works has unveiled a teaser trailer for the upcoming prequel game in the Jake Hunter Detective Series titled, Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz.

The Jake Hunter games usually star the titular hard-boiled detective operating out of his detective agency in the Shinjuku, Tokyo (or Aspicio, a fictional American city in the English versions). However, this entry in the mystery adventure series is a little different.

In it, you’ll be playing as a younger Jake Hunter, who travels to New York after receiving news about the murder of his grandfather. Upon arrival Jake finds out his grandfather has been looking into something called ‘Daedalus’, and so begins Jake’s investigation, to unravel the mysteries behind the murder and the titular ‘Daedalus’

You can watch the teaser trailer below, or you can read our review of the last released entry in the franchise Jake Hunter Detective Stories: Ghost of the Dusk.

Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz arrives on PC, Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan on the 13th of December. There is currently no word on an English release. We’ll let you know when that changes.

Author’s Take: I am super into mystery titles, so I’m going to try and dial back the hype I have already instilled in myself and beg Aksys to translate this title on the double.

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