IMPORTANT UPDATE, NOT CONFIRMATION: New .hack Project Announced by CyberConnect 2 CEO


After some feedback and rewatching the exchange multiple times at 0.5x speed, it turns out that the statement seemingly confirming a new .hack project in development was actually a joke by CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama. 

Our translator has provided the following translation to remedy this regretful misunderstanding. We deeply and sincerely apologize.  

Hiroshi Matsumyama: “In regards to that, we are working on a new .hack project…”

Yurika Tsukita: “Hey…hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…!”

Hiroshi Matsuyama: (overlapping laughs) “I wish I could say it was, though! An announcement at this timing would’ve been nice! I think your assistant on the other side is probably in a frenzy right now. The development of the .hack series will depend on everyone’s support, so I hope you can continue to support the series in the future!”

Yurika Tsukita: So everyone’s cheers and support will be connected to the new work, so you hope that they continue to support the series.

Hiroshi Matsuyama: Ha ha, yes.

Translator’s Official Note:
Due to the overlapping speech, combined with how fast he’s speaking, it’s extremely easy to miss or even mistranslate that part, and I deeply apologize for my incompetence and I promise to do better next time. 

During the latest .hack 20th Anniversary broadcast housing numerous vocal performances from LieN, there were a few segments where notable individuals sat down to discuss the series.

At roughly 23:35 in the livestream, Bandai Namco representative Yurika Tsukida spoke with CyberConnect2 Hiroshi Matsuyama, and the latter confirmed that a new .hack project is being developed. No elaboration was provided.

The following exchange was present, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

Tsukida: “Could you tell us more about the development of the .hack series?”

Matsuyama: “About the .hack series, a new project is currently in development!”

Literally, nothing else was said, so there’s not much else we can say. At the very least, we just hope it’s either a port of the original four games or something that isn’t a mobile gacha game.

We’ll keep you all updated on any significant announcements.

You can view the full .hack 20th Anniversary broadcast below:

Developed by CyberConnect2, .hack// is a multimedia franchise that includes multiple games, anime, manga, and novels. While the original PS2 quadrology took place in the fictional VRMMORPG The World:R1 and followed the adventures of Kite and Black Rose, the G.U. games focus on Haseo’s search for Tri-Edge in the revised The World R:2.

Besides the new fourth entry, the remastered collection includes improved gameplay, higher-resolution graphics, and new character models. This consists of a better frame rate and fixes to some systems that initially held back the experience, with adjustments that streamlined the experience and made it up to par with more modern quality expectations.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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