New Fist of the North Star Anime Announced

A new Fist of the North Star anime series has been announced to commemorate the franchise’s 40-year anniversary. While the news surrounding this project is currently vague at best, it uses the 甦る kanji, meaning “to revive.” This may imply that the series will be a reboot to depict events on a clean slate, but it’s not entirely clear yet.

Additionally, new staff and voice cast will be present, and using the “latest technology” in anime production, fans can look forward to Hokuto Shinken once more. Unfortunately, no news regarding the production studio or the planned premiere window was shared. However, key art for this project was unveiled, viewable below:

fist of the north star

Fist of the North Star is a classic manga series from the 80s penned by Buronson and illustrated by Buronson. The story is set on an Earth long since devastated by nuclear war, and the protagonist, Kenshiro, is the successor of the Hokuto Shinken martial art technique that lets him immediately kill most enemies by simply striking their vital points. He seeks to punish the unjust who harm innocents.

The series has also been seen across various media, including video games, anime adaptions, spinoffs, and just about anything else you can think of.

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