New Final Fantasy VII Remake Cinematics Unveiled at The Game Awards 2019

During the Game Awards 2019, Square Enix unveiled a new trailer showcasing Cloud and the gang infiltrating the Mako Reactors in newly unseen cinematics.

In the two minute video, Cloud, Barret, and Tifa can be seen in various explosive cutscenes with a little more preview into their English voices.

While the new trailer didn’t have an extended look into the combat or adventuring in the game world, the cutscenes do have a bit of insight into the cutscenes that will be in the game, including speaking scenes from Tifa Lockhart, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is the complete remaster of the 1997 PlayStation 1 title from Square Enix. The game stars Cloud Strife, an Ex-SOLDIER mercenary that joins an anti-terrorist group AVALANCHE to topple the Shinra Electric Power Company from robbing Mako energy, the lifeblood of the world.

Cloud and friends embark on a journey around the world to stop Shinra and other powerful forces to save the world.

The original game features the well-known JRPG turn-based active time battle system that featured magic, summons, and Limit Breaks. The remake says a solemn goodbye to that system for a modern real-time action system that has free movement and attacks while still featuring magic and iconic limit break attacks.

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Victor Aparicio

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