New Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Trailer & 2022 Closed Beta Test

During today’s Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary broadcast, Square Enix finally revealed more news on the upcoming mobile title, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, including its release date. Throughout this new trailer, players get teases of the title’s combat system and different character outfits, as well as notable remade sections from the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, like Crisis Core and the original Final Fantasy VII.

Earlier this year, the title was confirmed to be released by September 2022, which has lined up with this recent announcement.

You can watch the trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a retelling of the Final Fantasy VII series that incorporates all of the side-stories into one experience for mobile players. The game features chibi-like characters and a new battle system that allow players to replay all stages and gain experience and materials. The game will feature new story events not found in the original series that depict the heroes and villains of the story in their younger years.

While the entire story is said to be completed in 10 chapters, players can return to bosses with new party members whenever they want. It was also shared that Nomura doesn’t think that Ever Crisis will replace the experiences found in the original games. This is a chance for the development team to unify the battle system to tell the entire story in a digestible manner.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

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