New Falcom President Interview Discusses Ys X & 35th Anniversary

Spanish publication RPG Spain recently interviewed the president of Nihon Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo, about the Ys series during its 35-year anniversary. There were a ton of great questions and responses here, which we have summarized.

  • Despite series protagonist Adol Christin being more expressive in Ys IX: Monstrum Nox due to story reasons, there are no plans to make him more talkative in future installments. He will largely remain mute as usual going forward.
  • Musical composition for Ys X is still to come.
  • Adol will not be wearing his iconic silver armor from his younger years in Ys X due to that general design not being particularly common or popular nowadays.
  • There are no plans to make the games more text-heavy, as the team desires for the series to remain at a “nice quick tempo.”
  • Kondo would have liked to make Aprillis playable in a potential new PlayStation 5 version of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, akin to how Dana received her own standalone segments in the PlayStation 4 version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.
  • There are no plans for the kingdom of Ys to be explored in the near future.
  • Kondo would love to remake Ys V, but he laments the lack of feasible time.
  • Kondo finds Spain motifs readily appealing, hence their repeated references and usages throughout the series.
  • Like how Falcom game launch gaps have narrowed between Japan and Asia, Falcom has plans for those release gaps to lessen in North America and Europe too.
  • Kondo wants to make an Ys artbook for the franchise’s 40-year anniversary.
  • Kondo is “pretty sure” that all Eldeens who have befriended humans have already appeared. Those operating on their own could potentially appear, but there are no current plans for that.
  • Kondo would like to take on the task of completing the Romun Empire conflict at some point.
  • Kondo states that there are no current plans for PS5/Switch/Xbox One ports due to the focus on newer titles.
  • No plans to make a game for Adol’s adventure to the North Pole, which is how he canonically dies.
  • There’s a possibility of exploring the land of Ys again in the future, but Kondo doesn’t want to dwell on the past as there are many newer Ys fans.
  • No plans for prequels like Ys Origin

The following exchange is interesting as well:

YSpain_LegendDoes the ancient city of Kishgal from YS VI have any relation to the YS Origin character who has the same name?

Toshihiro Kondo: Hmm. I wonder. Kishgal from Ys Origin is a Darkling, so he might have received their name from hearing about that city.

Kondo also acknowledged Ys Strategy


A week of Falcom news from publisher NIS America is currently ongoing.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is launching natively for PlayStation 5 on November 15, 2022, in North America, and on November 18, 2022, for Europe. The title is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is launching natively for PlayStation 5 in Spring 2023.

Ys IX PS5 4

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