New Capcom Survey Acknowledges Dino Crisis & Breath of Fire as Options for Franchises You Like; Time for Fans to Unite in Showing Interest

Following Capcom’s latest showcase, they launched a new survey asking fans’ general thoughts on the presentation. For instance, it asks one’s feelings on every highlighted game, how likely they are to purchase it, and other expected inquiries.

However, the semifinal question has caught several people off-guard since, despite the question itself being not all that surprising, simply asking which Capcom series you like, it’s the options that are somewhat unexpected.

Alongside goliaths like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter, there are also Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire. The latter two are especially noteworthy since they have not seen official new releases in several years.

Dino Crisis is an action-adventure series with survival horror elements and dinosaurs headed by Shinji Makami, with the last release being Dino Crisis 3 in 2003. Exoprimal seems to have taken evident inspiration, but fans just want Dino Crisis back.

Breath of Fire is a JRPG franchise by Capcom, and while it hasn’t been nearly as dormant as Dino Crisis, its last release, Breath of Fire 6, was a microtransaction game exclusively in Japan in 2016, so yeah…

It goes without saying that fans of both series want high-quality revivals, and with Capcom doing better than ever nowadays, those desires have only been bolstered. Personally, I’m unfamiliar with both Dino Crisis and Breath of Fire, but I’ve always been interested in them, primarily the latter.

Perhaps if enough fans show their love for these games in this new survey, Capcom will begin taking these titles more seriously? It’s a pipe dream, sure, but miracles can happen.

You can take the latest Capcom survey here, though keep in mind you’ll need to have a Capcom ID, which doesn’t take long to create. Thanks to @BreathofFire_ on Twitter for sharing this information.

You’ll also gain desktop and mobile wallpapers of Capcom Town for completing the survey, displaying silhouettes of various Capcom characters.

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