New ‘Atelier Sophie 2’ Key Art Shared By Koei Tecmo Hyping Up Story Elements of the February Release

Koei Tecmo has shared a new key art for Atelier Sophie 2 through the company’s European Twitter. The high-resolution illustration hypes up story elements of the upcoming RPG showing Sophie alone in the forefront, with the goddess Elvira on the background with what seems to be a big butterfly wing. Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream will be available on Switch, PS4 and PC -via Steam– on February 25.

Atelier Sophie 2 is a new entry in Atelier’s Mysterious subseries, which also featured the original Sophie along with Atelier Firis and Atelier Lydie & Suelle. The upcoming game will likely dive deeper into some of the mysteries teased in the first game such as Plachta’s origins.

In fact, the premise of the RPG is that the long-time partner of Sophie disappears as the once inseparable duo find a tree that Plachta had seen in her dream. In this other world called Erde Wiege, Sophie finds another Plachta who isn’t her friend but a young alchemist with the same name and similar appearance.

Now she will have to go in an adventure with new friends she meets in Erde Wiege. As with other games in the series, alchemy will be one of the most important mechanics in the game, allowing players to synthesize items with a refined edition of the Mysterious panel synthesis system. For those who haven’t played the games, it’s a sort of puzzle representation of synthesis in which positioning your items is key to achieving new properties.

Check out the new artwork, which also shows Ramizel Erlenmeyer:

atelier sophie 2 key art

The Japanese branch has also shared an artwork of Sophie in the snow with a puni. This cute illustration was drawn by NOCO, which is one of the main illustrators in the Mysterious subseries along with Yuugen.

atelier sophie 2 puni noco art

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