New Armored Core Game Potentially Leaked From Consumer Survey

New Armored Core Game Potentially Leaked From Consumer Survey

A consumer survey about a new Armored Core game has surfaced on the video game forum Resetera.

While From Software is primarily known for their work in the Dark Souls series, they are also the developers behind the Armored Core series, which hasn’t seen a new title since 2013. Hidetaka Miyazaki has also been confirmed to be behind this new game.

The new Armored Core title is a third-person shooter mech action game that features a massive science fiction world. The game features long-ranged combat with guns as well as close-range combat with swords and shields.

Each mech will be highly customizable as any body part can be reconfigurable. The game’s narrative revolves around an unknown substance known as Melange that could advance human society but has caused a catastrophe on planet Bashtar. Now, various parties are in search of this powerful material, including the protagonist.

Check out some watermarked screenshots below for a better idea of what the game has to offer.

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Read more about the consumer survey here. Thanks to user Red Liquorice for providing the screenshots and posting them on the forum. We’ll be sure to keep up with any news related to this upcoming Armored Core game.

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