New Anonymous;Code Trailer Introduces Chief GAIA Technical Researcher Asuma, His Assistant, & Military Escort

MAGES has shared a new trailer for the upcoming Science Adventure visual novel, Anonymous;Code.

Soga Asuma (VA – Natsumi Fujiwara) is introduced as a 14-year-old young boy who works as the chief technical researcher for GAIA under the GAI Institution. Since it’s very rare for him to show his face, he is not well-known by the public. Further, he is proud, arrogant, and cocky and will show no mercy to incompetent opponents, be they friend or foe.

Okuda Ewan (VA – Kenjiro Tsuda) is introduced as a 32-year-old engineer who serves as Asuma’s assistant. He recognizes Asuma’s talent, and even though he is constantly ridiculed and made the butt of jokes by the higher-ups, he does not argue and solemnly follows orders.

Graham Kingly (VA – Taiten Kusunoki) is introduced as a 42-year-old military officer belonging to the Special Operations Group of the Japan-U.S. Allied Defense Forces*. He commands a unit that escorts Asuma under top secret orders from the Defense Ministry officials. *In Anonymous;Code’s version of 2037, the U.S. and Japan Self-Defense Forces merged in the name of strengthening the Japan-U.S. alliance, thus creating the Japan-U.S. Allied Defense Forces.

You can view the newest Anonymous;Code character trailer below:

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Anonymous;Code is releasing for Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2022.

Anonymous;Code is releasing in the West for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in 2023.

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