Action RPG ‘Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth’ Reveals New Level and Boss Update in Trailer

Another Indie released a trailer for the newest update to the CreAct Games developed action tile Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth, available on Steam Early Access for $15.99.

The update includes a number of fixes to the game in terms of optimization and adjustments. Players will find that various stats have been increased in some areas to make the game a little more approachable to newcomers, but still retain a level of difficulty.

Additionally, players can now explore a new level called Helheim, which houses a new boss named Ganglot. To showcase the new level, the publisher released a trailer to give viewers a preview of the new enemies and the environment.

Inspired by games like Dark Souls and BloodborneNeverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth tells the story of five Valkyries, two of which will be available at the launch of Early Access, who have been recruited to rebuild Valhalla after Ragnarok left it in ruins. The group of heroines is the last line of hope for the Tree of Life to restore the sacred halls. Players will be able to uncover the hidden past of each hero through their unique story. The game is a single-player experience with each character having their own story to tell.

During the Early Access build of the game, players will be able to explore the power of two of the five Valkyries, with more to be added later. Additional customization and learned skills are also available to plays who seek out powerful monsters and complete missions. The game also features boss enemies that the player will be able to face. The combat system features hack and slash tactics where players can use the unique skills of the Valkyries to take down their enemies.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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