Netflix Reveals That Mobile Games Will Join Their Subscription Service For Free

Netflix Reveals That Mobile Games Will Join Their Subscription Service For Free

In a recent shareholders report, Netflix revealed some unexpected information regarding their plans on pursuing the gaming industry in the future. Identically to how subscribed users have access to multiple shows and movies, games will also be joining the array of availability. The report does specifically state that they will be focusing on titles for mobile devices from the outset, however, with no mention of any console-like options.

There is a history of Netflix original programming delving into the gaming market, with the existence of the several Stranger Things titles now available. While the idea of Netflix diving deeper into gaming seems rather random and needless, there is an understandable logic to the effort. The company has dedicated its resources to programming for around a decade, and despite their success, branching out to other mediums is comprehensible for providing innovative relevancy.

There is no news on the exact titles consumers can expect from Netflix on the mobile market, but the fact that they will be freely included with subscriptions makes them at least moderately appealing to at least try out once or twice. Also, there’s always a chance Netflix can pursue gaming more intricately in the future if they ever find consistent footing in this vein of entertainment.

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