Neptunia Virtual Stars Showcases Accessories, Dancing, Item Creation and More

The official website for the upcoming rhythm-based JRPG, Neptunia Virtual Stars, has been updated with several more intricate mechanics and features the title will contain.

A rhythm minigame known as BeatTik will consist of players tapping the buttons and moving to the music’s beat. The chosen Goddess can be accessorized and customized at will. Getting high enough scores will unlock new stages, and a second dancer will eventually be able to dance alongside the initial chosen one.

Video Battler is a mechanic that creates items from BeatTik videos the players have recorded. Video stones obtained from the field will be used to enable this item creation, with each unique video making up to 5 items. Higher BeatTik scores correlate to rarer items. The rewarded items are known as “Rad Colle Cards”. These cards can be various collectibles, including MoE Accessories, items, and Convert Chara Cards.

MoE Accessories are cosmetic alterations that will be visible on the character models players place these upon. The placement and sizes of these accessories are customizable.

The base of the main cast is known as the “Cloud”. Players can speak to all of the Goddesses and V-Idols in this location.

The NeoTube Plaza is the hub that players will be frequenting throughout their adventures. Shops, special missions from Vtubers, and other facilities are all accessed from this vital area.

You can view the newly revealed screenshots below:

Neptunia Virtual Stars will launch on PlayStation 4 on March 2 in North America and March 5 in Europe, and PC-via Steam on March 29.

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