Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Western Switch Release Revealed for 2024

Amazon has listed a Nintendo Switch version of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, the Compile Heart action JRPG that launched for the West via PlayStation 4 in early 2023.

The Switch port of this game launched for Japan last month, and Idea Factory International has not commented on that version coming West. However, this store listing has shown that the title is planned to arrive here for the Switch later next year. The stated release date is June 30, 2024, but that could just be a placeholder. Further, the price is $49.99, and a reversible cover sleeve is said to be included.

The Switch version of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters adds new gameplay features, notably Maho and Anri being playable characters. Additionally, the Photo Mode has been enhanced with manga-like filters.

We’ll keep you all updated on this release.

In case you missed the news, the game is also receiving an Xbox port in 2024.

UPDATE: Idea Factory International has confirmed the port in a new trailer with a 2024 release window:

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters stars the Goddess Candidates, who are sent out to investigate a laboratory. There, they found the “Ashen Goddess,” who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule—by the time they awoke, two years had already passed. Now, The latest smartphone, the “rPhone,” dominates the market, and Neptune has been missing since she left for the PC Continent, leaving Planeptune ravaged by a new phenomenon, the Trendi Outbreaks.

During gameplay, players can create combos, customize their characters with various accessories, explore a Chirper social network to accept side quests and put together three-member teams to fight against enemies.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game on PlayStation 4.

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