Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters True Ending Guide

The new Neptunia game, Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters, is quite an ambitious one, telling a compelling narrative that even boasts a few endings. If one progresses through the experience normally without prior knowledge, they’ll almost certainly achieve the Normal ending alone. Early in the game, during a tutorial, there is a hint implying that the Share rate impacts the ending one will receive, but it’s pretty vague.

The True Ending necessitates the Share rate to be divided 50-50 between the Goddesses and the rPhone. Most players will likely have the Goddess Share rate at 100% at the end of the game because one has to try for the opposing end to gain the upper hand. Completing side quests, for instance, will raise the Share rate in your favor, and there are plenty of these activities, so the higher percentage is only natural.

However, there is an exploit of sorts to achieve this perfect balance more reliably and efficiently. If one cancels a Disc Development currently in progress, your Share rate will lower, heightening the rPhone’s Share percentage. Granted, it’s only a few percentage points per cancellation, and it requires a decent chunk of DC currency to spam, but if done by the final boss, you’ll undoubtedly have excess.

It’s also worth noting that to make this process quicker, only the Disc’s genre must be chosen to execute the development. Simply selecting any Disc genre, initiating development, and then canceling it right afterward only takes a few seconds. Spamming this method will lower the Goddesses’ Share percentage in favor of the rPhone’s in mere minutes. Just keep an eye on the Share divisions to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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Neptunia Sisters vs Sisters

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters stars the Goddess Candidates, who are sent out to investigate a laboratory. It was there that they found the “Ashen Goddess,” who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule. By the time they awoke, 2 years had already passed. Now, The latest smartphone, the “rPhone,” dominates the market, and Neptune has been missing since she left for the PC Continent, leaving Planeptune ravaged by a new phenomenon, the Trendi Outbreaks.

During gameplay, players can create combos, customize their characters with various accessories, explore a Chirper social network to accept side quests, and put together three-member teams to fight against enemies.

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