Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters Elucidates Combat Mechanics; Renders & Profiles

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters Elucidates Combat Mechanics; Renders & Profiles

Publisher Idea Factory International has updated the official website for their upcoming action JRPG, Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters. Firstly, several gameplay systems were detailed.

Battles comprise parties of three with coalescing action, skills, and more. Allied party members are controlled by the AI, though active controllable character switching is encouraged to mitigate the loss of action points. Like previous games in the franchise, Combo Skill routes can be customized via the Combo Maker system. Skills are categorized into three distinct types:

  • Power – Deals high damage and may stagger the enemy.
  • Rapid – Quick, continuous attacks that rapidly fill the Goddess Gauge.
  • Break – Batters down the enemy to inflict a Guard Break.

Action Points (AP) are gradually recovered during battle, though not while attacking, and are necessary to perform Combo Skills. However, using Tactical Skills increases the AP threshold, thereby leading to more powerful combos. Further, players will eventually unlock a second combo route when they level up, increasing strategical options.

Tactical Skills are used via the Tactical Gauge, which refills over time and by attacking. Plus, they are character-specific. Pressing the △ button once the Tactical Gauge is filled will trigger the skill, with other techniques activated by pressing △ in conjunction with directional inputs. It’s encouraged to swap between characters while the gauges fill for greater combative efficiency.

Chain attacks allow players to extend combos by swapping controllable characters while a combo or Tactical Skill is active. It is essentially the key to decimating foes. Understanding everyone’s Combo Skills, Tactical Skills, and other individual traits is imperative. It’s wise to rely on Chain attacks if the character you are controlling is out of AP. The game will also conveniently present a character to swap to during combo strings.

The CPU Candidates, Nepgear, Uni, Rom, and Ram, can transform into their Goddess forms. Once activated, these transformations have their own gauges and drastically enhance stats. Additionally, Combo Skills can be continued indefinitely and do not require AP.

EXE Drive is a powerful technique that concludes the Goddess transformation, but it can be used regardless of how far along the character’s transformed state. Therefore, EXE Drive is best used when the transformation is close to running out. Further, half of the Goddess Gauge is consumed when performing EXE Drive. The Goddess Gauge is built up by attacking and receiving damage, with swifter filling occurring via chain attacks and rapid strikes.

New renders and profiles were also shared, viewable via our galleries below:

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters stars the Goddess Candidates, who are sent out to investigate a laboratory. It was there that they found the “Ashen Goddess,” who trapped them in a deep sleep capsule. By the time they awoke, 2 years had already passed. Now, The latest smartphone, the “rPhone,” dominates the market, and Neptune has been missing since she left for the PC Continent, leaving Planeptune ravaged by a new phenomenon, the Trendi Outbreaks.

During gameplay, players can create combos, customize their characters with various accessories, explore a Chirper social network to accept side quests, and put together three-member teams to fight against enemies.

Neptunia: Sisters vs. Sisters is releasing in the West for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam in early 2023. An English dub has been confirmed.

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