Neptunia Shooter Revealed in Screenshots as 8-Bit Shoot ‘Em Up for PC

Idea Factory International Revealed a surprise title announcement Neptunia Shooter, coming to PC-via Steam in 2019.

Neptunia Shooter expands the Neptunia universe once again by bringing it to the space shooter genre with all the retro look and feels that come with it. Neptunia Shooter is a shoot ‘em up that is set in space and is fairly minimalistic when compared to other Neptunia titles. The game features retro 8-bit graphics of the cast of Goddesses as they face off against hordes of enemies from the Neptunia series.

Neptunia Shooter features an online leaderboard where players can shoot for the high score globally. Additionally, there isn’t really a story or reason why this is happening to Neptune and her friends, but the game will have boss battles and mission-based levels along with power-ups and the ability to switch characters who each have unique skills.

After the end of each level, players will fight against a Goddess and then join the team after. There are five characters available in the game.

Neptunia Shooter’s Steam page will open soon. In the meantime you can check out some screenshots below showing gameplay, characters, and the enemies that players will be able to face during the game’s mission:

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