UPDATES: Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution Reveals Japan Countdown Launch Art

Developer Compile Heart has begun sharing official countdown illustrations for the upcoming Japanese release of Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution. This article will compile each piece of released artwork.

Featuring main character design by Tsunako and additional character design by Katsuyuki Hirano, this entry will focus on the protagonist, Older Neptune, as she attempts to revitalize and grow a fallen gaming company. Of course, such a collective task requires several moving pieces with solid management skills.

Players will create games in real-time, including which projects select developers should work on. Further, game element items found from dungeons and monsters can be used to boost video game development, obtain location-specific shares, and grant passive party buffs.

Combat is action-focused this time around, with revamped systems, chain attacks, and transformative specials present to spice things up. Traversal has also undergone a shakeup, with players able to travel through dungeons and sell games on a purple motorcycle.

Publisher Idea Factory International previously announced that the game will launch Westward for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in 2024. This release will also be both physical and digital and feature an English dub.

You can view the ten-day countdown illustration featuring Rom and Ram below:

neptunia 10

UPDATE 7/31/2023: You can view the nine-day countdown illustration featuring Uni below:


UPDATE 8/1/2023: You can view the eight-day countdown illustration featuring Nepgear below:


UPDATE 8/2/2023: You can view the seven-day countdown illustration featuring Vert below:

vert 1

UPDATE 8/3/2023: You can view the six-day countdown illustration featuring Blanc below:


UPDATE 8/4/2023: You can view the five-day countdown illustration featuring Noire below:


UPDATE 8/5/2023: You can view the four-day countdown illustration featuring Neptune below:


UPDATE 8/6/2023: You can view the three-day countdown illustration featuring Jagaa (currently unknown what the officially localized name will be), based on the Atari Jaguar, below:


UPDATE 8/7/2023: You can view the two-day countdown illustration featuring Reedio (currently unknown what the officially localized name will be), based on the 3DO, below:


UPDATE 8/8/2023: You can view the one-day countdown illustration featuring Pippih (currently unknown what the officially localized name will be), based on the Apple Pippin, below:


UPDATE 8/6/2023: You can view the launch day illustration featuring the other, older Neptune below:

older nep

More celebratory launch art was shared:


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