NeoGeo Pocket Color Fighter ‘Mega Man Battle & Fighters’ Launches on Switch

SNK announced that players can play the Capcom-developed fighter Mega Man Battle & Fighters on Nintendo Switch now as part of the company’s push to port over classic NeoGeo Pocket Color titles in the west.

This version of Mega Man Battle & Fighters is now available in the west for the first time. However, this version only contains Japanese text.

The game was released as a collection that contains de-makes of Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. The game was developed to replicate the arcade versions where players can fight against bosses from the Mega Man series tournament styles. There are also a few story scenes, but nothing that will catch your interest.

During gameplay, players will unlock the database of characters and play through a loose narrative that features Mega Man, Blues, Forte, Duo, Roll, Dr. Wily, and Dr. Right. Players can choose between four characters, Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, and Duo, before choosing a set of boss battles. Following each boss, a new weapon is unlocked. The player is encouraged to strategize during these fights to use whatever weapon the boss is weakest against.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future NeoGeo releases.

You can watch the trailer showing gameplay below:

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