NEO: The World Ends With You Teaches Us All About the Reaper’s Game in New Details

Square Enix has shared a new feature on the NEO: The World Ends With You detailing more information about the Reaper’s Game and a few of the characters you’ll encounter during gameplay.

The Reaper’s Game takes place in a different dimension that resembles the real world. Players need to complete missions assigned by the Game Master, Shiba. The objectives revolve around solving puzzles and defeating enemies known as Noise and even fighting other players.

The game lasts seven days, to which the points will be added up, and the team with the losest score will be obliterated.

New character spotlight:

Susukichi – A Player in the Reapers’ Game and a member of the Ruinbringers. While his impressive physique gives off an intimidating air, Susukichi is actually a bit of a chatterbox, rambling in his surprisingly high voice. Like the discs in beloved Reversi, he views the world in black and white.

Tsugumi – A Player in the Reapers’ Game. Although she is a member of the Ruinbringers, she barely interacts with others and does not talk to anyone. Contrary to her waify appearance, she possesses powerful psychic abilities and a perfect record against other Players. The stuffed animal she carries resembles the mascot
of Gatto Nero, a new brand that’s all the rage in Shibuya—but her plush pal apparently predates the establishment of said brand.

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Fuya – A Player in the Reapers’ Game who got sucked into the action while taking a stroll in search of Shibuya’s most exquisite culverts. Despite being the de facto leader of the Deep Rivers Society, he is quite cowardly and not one to normally take charge. However, his aversion to conflict is the reason he’s managed to avoid dropping out of the game so far, so his “flight-over-fight” approach has served him surprisingly well. He holds a store-bought map of the city in which he’s hand-marked his favorite culverts.

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Kanon – A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Variabeauties. Both kind and captivating, Kanon gives “Rindy” and his teammates a crash course in the rules of the Game. Her beauty also belies a cunning side that reveals itself when the situation warrants it. What she lacks in impressive psychic powers, she more than makes up for in wisdom, which has helped her survive the Game thus far.

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Motoi – A Player in the Reapers’ Game and the leader of the Purehearts. His winning smile and poetic platitudes give off good vibes only, even though his superficiality and frequent use of “fancy” words can rub some people the wrong way. Nevertheless, his magnetic personality has proven quite attractive, amassing him a large number of followers.

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Players will also be able to purchase new clothes that affect the attack and defense of the character. There are up to five different equipable threads for players to customize. Shops are also scattered around where players can buy CDs and books. Buying items can earn players VIP perks.

Restaurants enhance characters depending on what they eat, so go try different combinations.

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Further, Fret uses an ability known as Remind that allows characters to remember things they’ve forgotten.

NEO: The World Ends With You is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2021, and PC-via The Epic Games Store in Summer 2021.

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