Neo Atlas 1469 Gets New Video Detailing Trade Routes and Systems

NIS America released a new video for the Artdink developed simulation exploration game Neo Atlas 1469, coming to Nintendo Switch 1469.

The video gives players an in-depth explanation of the game’s trading features. Throughout the game, players will send their ships out to explore and acquire materials. As they discover more of the land around them, trade routes will be established to gain access to more profit including food, precious metals, livestock, and toys. These materials can be combined to make a new commodity which brings in more revenue.

Patrolling the seas isn’t easy though, pirates roam the open waters and will try to swipe the goods for themselves. This is when players must deploy admirals who can challenge them to a battle. Defeating the pirates comes with victory, but also repair costs that the player will need to manage.

Neo Atlas is a series developed by Artdink which has been receiving entries since the early ’90s. In Neo Atlas 1469, players will set sail for 15th Century Europe during a time when people were unsure of what the world looked like and needed explorers to help clear things up

Neo Atlas 1469 is available now on PC-via Steam and holds a mostly positive review score from players.

You can watch the new Switch gameplay trailer below:

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