Neo Atlas 1469 Sets Sail For Nintendo Switch in 2019 With First Trailer

NIS America announced that the Artdink developed exploration game Neo Atlas 1469 will launch on Nintendo Switch physically in April 2019.

Neo Atlas is a series developed by Artdink which has been receiving entries since the early ’90s. In Neo Atlas 1469, players will set sail for 15th Century Europe during a time when people were unsure of what the world looked like and needed explorers to help clear things up.

During gameplay, players assume the role of the Master of a Trading Company with a goal to complete the World Map and let everyone know what exactly is out there. As the trader, players must listen to their admirals’ reports and draw their very own world map. Depending on what information the player approves of, the map will change accordingly.

The game also has sim elements that allow the player to pay their admirals and set up trade routes to make money.

Neo Atlas 1469 is available now on PC-via Steam and holds a mostly positive review score from players.

You can check out the new Nintendo Switch trailer below:

Author’s take: I almost forgot about this game, I wonder how it will do on Switch. However, with that said, there are a ton of ways to manage your ship and crew in the game so it might just be perfect for the Switch’s mobile capability. 

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