Nekopara Series Surpasses 5 Million Sales; Nekopara After: La Vraie Famille in Production

Neko Works decided to make a few announcements surrounding the future of the Nekopara series.

First off, the publisher revealed that the series has sold over 5 million units worldwide across all release platforms. Recently, the series has been finding its way to PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch in the west alongside the expected PC release.

Further, the team has revealed the newest title in production as Nekopara After: La Vraie Famille, which features characters met during Nekopara 4 and translates to Nekopara After: The Real Family. The French cat character Fraise appears in the key art but hasn’t officially had a route assigned to her. This story will surely expand on this character and her French roots. Shigure also appears in the main key art, which might mean a potential route with this character, but the team has held off on that for a while.

Nekopara Vol. 4 takes players away from the cafe life for a bit as Kasou struggles with his bakery skills and meet his father’s expectations. With the encouragement of Azuki and Coconut, Kashou is determined to impress his father, who disapproves of the cafe. Still, Maple and Cinnamon suggest going to France to meet with his teacher and get advice. Also, Shigure tags along because why not?

The duo encounters a new catgirl in France, and the story evolves from there. Players can expect there to be many heartwarming moments of dialogue between the characters and Kashou, along with some more than heated situations that are sure to take place. The story follows the ever-growing group of characters as they become closer and learn more about each other with that added dose of ecchi that fans have come to appreciate.

In case you missed it, check out our review for Nekopara Vol. 4 and Nekopara Catboys Paradise.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Nekopara After: La Vraie Famille.

You can see the full key art below:

Nekopara After La Vrai Famille

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