NekoNyan to Re-Publish ‘Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss?’ So the Developer Can Get Paid; Original Publisher Sol Press Never Paid Royalties for the License

NekoNyan is out there doing God’s work as the publisher announced they have licensed the Tinkle Position and Sister Position-developed little sister visual novel Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? on PC via JAST, Fakku, Denpasoft, and MangaGamer.

The publisher shared that the original publisher Sol Press never paid royalties for the license, and the developer hasn’t received any money from their contract. Now that that contract has been voided, NekoNyan has stepped in to work with the developer, re-release it and hopefully get the developer some money.

Those who own the game can re-buy if they want to support the developer. NekoNyan announced it would be available at a lower price. Sadly, Valve has already banned the game and rarely looks at re-submissions.

Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? tells the story of a strange family and protagonist, Onii-chan, who grew up in a household where he and his four sisters used any excuses to share a kiss. This is most likely due to the mother being a “Kiss Demon.” Being the only man in the house, the rules simply stated that the girl had to kiss him.

However, he grew up and went off to study, and when it came time to decide who to choose to help him study, panic ensued. Finally, to determine who brings Onii-chan his snack, the girls agreed that whoever gets the most kisses wins. Throughout the story, the bond between the characters grows, and perhaps romance will bloom. There’s even a mother route…what have we become?

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