NekoNyan to Publish ‘Aoi Tori’ in The West From the Developer of ChronoClock

NekoNyan to Publish ‘Aoi Tori’ in The West From the Developer of ChronoClock

NekoNyan making waves in the visual novel community today when the publisher announced they will publish the Purple Software-developed visual novel, Aoi Tori, in the west on PC.

After the announcement, the developer hasn’t updated fans on the translation or editing status, but they did announce that the game will be translated by TBAC and edited by DxS. Further, the adult version of the game will be demosaiced for its western release.

Aoi Tori introduces players to Shiratori Ritsu, the only male allowed on the all-girls Kirihara Academy. Ritsu is the school priest and can bring bliss to those he touches, which is enhanced if things become sexual.

However, demons have also lusted for his power, and he must protect the girls. After the death of a girl, his sanity begins to spiral. This is when a new girl shows up who happens to be a one-hundred-year-old vampire named Mary Harker. We learn more about Ritsu’s power after a mysterious phone call from the devil.

The gameplay has players interact with the characters and answer the phone who happens to have the devil on the other line. The idea here is for the devil to lead the protagonist down the path of darkness, but we’ll see about that.

Purple Software is also the developer of the ChronoClock series.

You can watch the opening movie below:

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