NEKO-NIN exHeart Series Coming to Switch; NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN! Confirmed for Western Release

During their panel at Anime Expo 2023, Sekai Project has announced NEKO-NIN exHeart is coming to Switch. The first game will be available on Q4 2023 and it’s currently in testing but the rest of the series is also planned to reach the Nintendo console in the future. The publisher also confirmed NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN!, the next game in the series, is coming west.

NEKO-NIN exHeart is a series of visual novels developed by Whirlpool. The games tell the story of ninja animal girls who show up out of nowhere to tell our protagonist, young Houjou Haruki, that they have a contract to serve him. Though it may be a dreamy situation because they’re cute and sexy girls, his daily life will definitely become messy and filled with shenanigans.

As the story grows, more girls show up to claim a piece of the boy’s heart, including dog-eared ones. So far, there have been three main titles and a few add-ons featuring extra character stories, like Nachi and Saiha. If you’d like to know a little more, you can check out our review of the latest game, NEKO-NIN exHeart 3.

Currently, Whirlpool is working on NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN!, which will be released on PC in Japan on September 29, 2023. The western release date has yet to be announced.

Check out the opening theme (only music) for the new game:

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