Catgirl ASMR Visual Novel ‘Neko Night’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

JAST USA announced they will publish the Chaos-L-developed catgirl visual novel, Neko Night, on PC via the JAST Store on May 31, 2022.

Neko Night tells the story of a pair of catgirls that have just you, the player, as their master. The game is labeled as an ASMR nukige where players can get “up close and purrsonal” (sigh) with the two characters as you listen to their breath and whisper through a binaural audio experience.

Neko Night has you assume the role of a freelance writer who is tasked with writing about your first sexual experience. However, you haven’t had one, so you can’t possibly write about it. Luck is on your side, as you doze off in front of the TV only to awaken and find a pair of catgirls at your front door in a rain story. Naturally, you let them in and they claim that they are there to have your babies. This might be a dream, but I guess it’s a good one.

This is definitely an adult visual novel so please keep that in mind if you’re thinking about adding it to your May purchases.

We’ll keep you updated on future visual novel releases.

You can check out the trailer below:

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