Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates Vol. 1 Announced for PC; Demo Now Available

Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates Vol. 1 Announced for PC; Demo Now Available

Sekai Project has announced the western release of Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates Vol. 1. The visual novel developed by the doujin circle Animal Herb will be available in English on the second quarter of 2022, though a date has yet to be specified. It’ll be available on Steam and on Sekai Project Shop, and you can get a demo from either store right now.

Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates Vol. 1 tells the story of a young man whose common life is changed by meeting a random girl called Mint, who passed out in front of his house. However, she’s not just any girl, she’s actually a Cherubim, a half-animal, half-angel who came from Heaven.

After saving Mint, he ends up sharing his apartment with the girl. She’s a honest individual with a cheerful personality and a lot of energy. By spending some time with her, the protagonist ends up falling in love. However, chaos ensues after a half-demon who knows Mint also shows up on his apartment.

Keep in mind Neko-Mimi Sweet Housemates is a kinetic novel, so there won’t be choices to make. It’s just a single route so players will just follow the story of the young man trying to spend some quality time with Mint, who’s set on repaying his kindness.

Check out some screenshots below:

We’ll keep you updated as Sekai Project reveals more details on the game.

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