NarKarma EngineA Indefinitely Delayed; New Mystery Project “As Big As Fata Morgana” Announced

Novectacle has revealed some info on their upcoming projects in a new Pixiv Fanbox update. The already announced RPG NarKarma EngineA will be postponed to an indefinite date and their contract with Sekai Project for publishing it has been terminated. However, the House in Fata Morgana developer has also teased a new project which they hope to release by 2023.

This new untitled game will be unveiled in Spring 2022 with a teaser site. Unlike NarKarma EngineA, the team has a clear schedule for the project so it shouldn’t face the same delay issues. Though Novectacle has made multiple smaller projects since the original The House in Fata Morgana, this upcoming game will be their next big project in a scale similar to the popular visual novel.

The announcement reveals the game will be a mystery adventure of the detective style. Instead of being a pure visual novel, it will feature some gameplay elements which the developer hints to be a “unique system” with more details coming in 2022.

As for NarKarma EngineA, the company has revealed they have to restart the project due to multiple issues they had during the development so far. Novectacle promises to reveal more details when they have a clear grasp of how long it’ll actually take for the game to be complete.

The update also revealed the upcoming Seventh Lair western release will be a remastered edition of the game. It’ll feature new music by Yusuke Tsutsumi and translations in English, French and Chinese (Traditional/Simplified). It’ll be available in 2022 with a Steam release confirmed by the developer.

We’ll keep you updated on all of Novectacle’s upcoming projects, including Seventh Lair, NarKarma EngineA and the yet untitled detective mystery project.

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