Mystery BL Visual Novel ‘Dreambound’ Opens Kickstarter Campaign

Mystery BL Visual Novel ‘Dreambound’ Opens Kickstarter Campaign

Two and a Half Studios has opened the Kickstarter campaign for Dreambound. The BL visual novel currently has a demo on Steam and, and the developer had already shared its opening video which was made by Kenkou Land’s Kokoroten, whose previous works include MAMIYA and Lemures Blue’s 2 A.M. The game is expected to release in July 2024.

The Kickstarter goal is about US$ 24,000.00, with the first support tier that includes the game costing about US$ 21.00. The tiers above it add a digital artbook, Two and a Half Studio’s other games, and physical rewards such as a keychain set, a dakimakura, an acrylic standee, and many others. There are 44 days to go before the Kickstarter campaign concludes.

Dreambound tells the story of  Noah, a lonesome painter who wanted to lock himself away from reality so he could focus on finding his masterpiece. However, a mysterious string of murder cases will force him to face reality and the painful past that he tried to forget. By diving into the dreams of others, he may have a chance to finally move forward, solve the mystery and find a better future or to drown in grief.

There are three romance options in the game, each of which has their own route. First of them is Kaine, Noah’s best friend who is still by his side despite Noah shutting him away and wants to help him go back to a normal life. Meanwhile Crow is a big mystery but looks somewhat familiar to Noah and seems to be adamant about the memories of the past. Last but not least, Ivan is a fashionable man with the same ability as Noah and wants to escape from reality.

Dreambound is written by Gabmag and Caspiiii, who have been working together on The Divine Speaker. Korean webtoon artist Sinran is responsible for the character art while background art is made by Anybangchu, and Kathaeris works on the UI. The opening song “My Name Is…” is performed by Haruka Kounoike with lyrics translation by Michelle Noir.

We’ll let you know as Two and a Half Studios announces more information on Dreambound in the future.

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