Horror Adventure ‘My Work Is Not Yet Done’ Receives Terrifying Gameplay Trailer for 2023 Release

Raw Fury and Sutemi Productions announced they will publish the Sutemi-developed horror adventure My Work Is Not Yet Done on PC via Steam in 2023.

The trailer highlights some of the game’s visuals and environments which seem to have been made to mirror classic PC adventure games. The preview instills a sense of loneliness and dread that you can’t turn away from. Its scary atmosphere makes it stand out amongst other indie horror titles released.

My Work Is Not Yet Done is a narrative-driven horror adventure where players will experience a nonlinear plot through the final days of the inquisitor, Avery, the last surviving member of a doomed scientific expedition into a remote and unaccountable stretch of sinking country. The goal is to track down the source of transmissions that originated from somewhere in the region. Through investigation, players will uncover clues on how to progress, but they’ll also need to survive the mysterious, ever-shifting landscape reclaimed by nature and something stranger.

My Work Is Not Yet Done is meant to reproduce the feeling of being alone and lost in the wilderness. The game is set in an expansive open-world environment, seamlessly blending procedural-generated location with a variety of handcrafted points-of-interest to provide a unique sense of disorientation with every playthrough.

You can watch the trailer below:

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