Visual Novel ‘My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden’ Coming West to PC Later This Year

Shiravune announced they will publish the Waffle-developed romance visual novel My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden on PC via Steam and Johren in 2023.

Waffle, known for their Funbag Fantasy series and Eden’s Ritter, returns with a more light-hearted story. However, that’s not to say that this story doesn’t include some of the usual tropes. The Steam release will be the all-ages version, but a patch can be applied from Johren, which hosts the adult release. The publisher has also confirmed that the game features 1080p HD CG illustrations.

My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden introduces Garland, once a formidable adventurer who bears the scars of betrayal from his former companions during a quest that left him gravely injured. While he managed to escape with his life, he found himself without family or kin to care for him. Despite his physical afflictions, he clings to the spirit of adventure, harboring aspirations of a full recovery and a return to the world he once knew.

However, the path to healing is riddled with challenges. Garland’s trust in others has been shattered by the betrayal of those he thought were allies. The notoriety of the fortune he gained from his personal misfortune has attracted individuals seeking to exploit him for his wealth. In his weakened state, he is vulnerable and in dire need of dependable assistance to navigate his circumstances and ensure his survival.

While contemplating his options, Garland learns of his homeland’s conquest of a smaller neighboring nation. He witnesses the unfortunate citizens of the conquered land, seemingly coerced into servitude and obedience through magic. As an advocate for freedom, Garland is deeply troubled by this turn of events. However, in a world where trust is a rare commodity, he must carefully consider his actions, especially when dealing with those whose wills have been subdued by mystical forces.

We’ll keep you updated on the Western release of My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden.

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