Romance Visual Novel ‘My Little Sister’s Special Place’ Gets Release Date Set for Later This Month

Sekai Project announced that the Feng-developed romance visual novel My Little Sister’s Special Place will release on PC via Denpasoft on June 26, 2023.

My Little Sister’s Special Place is the second chapter of the Special Place trilogy, where Youhei Nase joins his sister, Yukana Nase, on a trip. The two of them have a good time, one thing leads to another, and they likely become a couple. Although there are some quality illustrations from Ryohka, we assume the “story” is fairly straightforward and to the point with this one. There’s a reason you’re playing, and you’ll get there in due time.

The publisher has confirmed the western release will feature fully uncensored CGs. The characters are all voiced except for the main protagonist.

It’s a follow-up to My Girlfriend’s Special Place, now focusing on Youhei’s relationship with his younger sister Yukana. The third game in the series, Gakkou no Seiiki, has also been licensed by Sekai Project, and it covers his relationship with the other two heroines, his teacher and older sister Yaeka; and his classmate Maika. It doesn’t have an  English title or release window yet.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of the series in the West.

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