My Hero Academia Vol. 29 Review – Plus Ultra

    Title: My Hero Academia Vol. 29
    Author: Kohei Horikoshi
    Release Date: September 7, 2021
    Publisher: VIZ Media

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 continues from where the previous volume left off. Shigaraki has fully awakened from the operation performed on him by Doctor Garaki and has gained a tremendous power boost. This volume continues the second act of the Paranormal Liberation War arc and starts its third act.

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 1

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 focuses on the fight between Deku, Bakugo, and Pro-Heroes like Endeavor, Eraser Head, and Shigaraki in Jaku City that had one-third of it destroyed by Shigaraki’s enhanced Decay quirk.  Meanwhile, at the Gunga Mountain Villa, The Villa Raid team, which comprises other Pro-Heroes and UA Hero Students, has to prevent the League of Villains and Gigantomachia. They emerged in response to Shigaraki’s early awakening from reaching the city as they plan to reunite with the young villain.

Shigaraki proves himself to be a real threat with the savage power of the All For One quirk, which he gained from the operation. Although it was earlier than expected, his awakening has turned the tables in the war, raising the stakes even higher.  This results in significant confrontations. For example, you have the UA Hero Students versus the League of Villains and the fight between Deku, Bakugo, and the Pro-Heroes and Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 2

Especially the latter, as Shigaraki has the goal of ending the hero-saturated society, which to him and the other villains has been corrupt and rotten to the core while Deku, Bakugo, and the other heroes fight to protect that society. The clashing of their ideals and what makes heroes different from villains in terms of their views of society within the world of My Hero Academia is an element that I love about the series.

Horikoshi also delivered fantastic artwork. From the well-presented and well-choreographed action scenes to the character design and expressions. Especially some of the facial expressions Shigaraki has throughout the volume look savage and downright feral at points.

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 3

The various chapters in the volume kept me engaged and emotionally invested, with significant character interactions and character development. One of them being Bakugo, who gets a good amount of attention and development in some of the later chapters of the volume.

The volume also keeps up the action-packed pace and momentum from the previous volumes. On top of that, the storytelling kept me hooked with many twists and turns that occur within the volume. It’s also supported by a top-notch localization with a lot of effort, especially when it comes to the dialogue.

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 4

My Hero Academia Vol. 29 is an excellent read from start to finish as you go through its chapters and setting up the next volume. From the action-packed pacing to the character interactions. This series is one that never fails to be an entertaining experience to me. I honestly hope that the series keeps this action-packed and fun pace going. I eagerly await the next volume, which I will have to wait for until next year.


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