My Hero Academia Vol. 28 Review – The Thrill of Destruction

    Title: My Hero Academia Vol. 28
    Author: Kohei Horikoshi
    Release Date: June 1, 2021
    Publisher: VIZ Media

The Paranormal Liberation War rages on as My Hero Academia Vol. 28 continues from where the last volume left off. We have the ongoing raids on Jaku General Hospital and the Gunga Mountain Villa ramping up to the conclusion to the arc’s first act and beginning of the second act.

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 2

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 features Mirko continuing her fight against the High-End Nomu as she loses the upper hand against them but doesn’t back down from the fight as she wants to do whatever she can to bring down the villains.

She soon finds Doctor Garaki’s underground lab and is joined up by the other Pro-Heroes as they corner the doctor. Meanwhile, Dabi is determined to definitively roast Hawks at the mountain villa after the fight with Twice reached a dark conclusion. The first act also concludes on a high note as something ominous finally awakens, even earlier than anticipated.

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 3

The ominous and destructive awakening is definitely one of the stand-out moments within the volume. Also, the confrontation between Dabi and Tokoyami is a memorable interaction as Dabi mentions how Pro-Heroes’ hands are more stained compared to Villains like him and pointing out that Hawks had murdered Twice in the previous volume.

This again points out that things aren’t as black or white within the world of My Hero Academia when it comes to the morality of the heroes and villains within the world and story that Horikoshi created. I also have to mention that Eraser Head/Aizawa got a lot of attention and action in this volume especially knowing what is at stake for him when it comes to the students of his class who are involved in this war.

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 4

Horikoshi delivered an excellent job with the various action scenes within the volume, well-choreographed and well-presented. I enjoyed how the story maintained its momentum by keeping the same pacing as the previous volume.

It kept me engaged and emotionally invested with great character moments and moments that kept me on the edge of my seat while reading. Heck, one of the villains gained a considerable power boost within the volume makes me excited for the eventual showdown between them and the heroes.

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 1

My Hero Academia Vol. 28 is a fantastic read that sets itself up as a great series of chapters and prepares the next volume of events. From the pacing to the character interactions, this is one series that doesn’t falter for a second. My only hope is that it can keep this up.


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