My Hero Academia Vol. 27 Review – War Arc Continues

My Hero Academia Vol. 27 Review – War Arc Continues

My Hero Academia Vol. 27 continues the Paranormal Liberation War arc, set up in the previous volume. There is an all-out war brewing between the heroes, including the students of UA High and the Paranormal Liberation Front’s villains that aim to destroy society as the world knows it. This new arc promises to be action-packed and dramatic, with the stakes being higher than ever.

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The volume focuses on the raid the heroes have planned on Jaku General Hospital to find the doctor known as Kyudai Garaki, who has been watching over Shigaraki’s operation. This would make the young villain more powerful, along with the raid on the Gunga Mountain Villa, which is reported to be the Paranormal Liberation Front base. The specific raid also has both Pro-Heroes and Hero students fighting on the frontlines.

The clear star of this volume is the Rabbit Hero, Mirko, who gets a lot of action during this volume fighting with the various Nomu that are sent out to protect Doctor Garaki. Along with that, the biggest highlight next to Mirko getting a lot of attention and action is the fight between Hawks and Twice, which takes a dark and dramatic turn. I ended up getting emotionally invested while witnessing this particular fight unfold between the two cause of the emotional weight behind it for both of them.

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I really enjoyed the fight scenes and the creative ways that the various quirks of the heroes and villains were used throughout this volume with well-choreographed action shots and amazing artwork by the author Kohei Horikoshi. The story-telling is also really top-notch with good localization, and the plot twists that came along with it had me hooked from start to finish.

Horikoshi also has a knack to make you feel for the characters, including the villains and not just the heroes, especially after what happens during this volume. It is made very clear that for some heroes and villains, it’s a clash of ideals between the two, which the series does pretty well to a certain extent. The volume does start a bit slow in a calm before the storm kind of manner as the pacing does improve throughout the chapters provided in the volume.

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My Hero Academia Vol. 27 is an excellent read, and it shows off an amazing start for the war arc that will be the big focus for the upcoming volumes. It is highly recommended for fans that are following the series.

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