My Hero Academia Is Getting a Battle Royale Game This Year; Closed Beta Coming Soon (Oh No)

My Hero Academia Is Getting a Battle Royale Game This Year; Closed Beta Coming Soon (Oh No)

I’ll be honest, the moment I saw this trailer, I just had to wipe my glasses to confirm the fact. Yes. The popular anime and manga series My Hero Academia is getting a battle royale game…a free one, mind you! The game will be free to play, and it will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Bandai Namco Entertainment is developing the game. However, as of this writing, the game has been confirmed to be available only in Japan.

The announcement was made in the New Year’s 7th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, which is currently serializing My Hero Academia by manga artist Kohei Horikoshi. In addition, a new trailer featuring multiple gameplay elements, as well as an in-depth 26-minute gameplay video featuring the game’s producers, were published on Bandai’s official YouTube channel.

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In My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, up to 24 players can play simultaneously, divided into 8 groups of 3 each. Each of the teams fights against each other to survive on the battlefield. The last team standing claims victory.

By collecting items in the stages, players can increase the levels of their Quirks, making them stronger. You can also collect new abilities from cards and trade them with your teammates. In the gameplay video, you can also see that as time passes, the area players can fight in gets smaller and smaller (Déjà vu. Where have I seen that before…). Furthermore, to gather feedback, a closed beta test will be held in Japan from February 2 to February 6. The recruitment form will be open to all Japan players from January 17 to January 28.

Only PS4 will have this closed beta test, but Bandai has confirmed that as the game development progresses, there will be more closed beta tests on other platforms. Now, as to whether “My Hero Academia” and “battle royale” mix well…time will tell, I suppose.


You can watch the official trailer for the game here:

You can also watch the 26-minute gameplay overview here:

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