Feast Your Eyes Upon One of the Most Original Trailers Ever: The Launch Trailer for ‘My Friend Pedro’

Yes, you read the headline right. Developer DeadToast Entertainment and publisher Devolver Digital have unleashed a launch trailer for My Friend Pedro and it’s… bananas.

Sharing super in-depth details for the trailer would be a little, well, lame, so we recommend just watching. Just know that it’s like a Saturday morning cartoon, and there’s no gameplay shown.

Now, for those wondering “What is My Friend Pedro?”, especially after watching the launch trailer, we can help you out. My Friend Pedro is a bullet hell, stylish action game that has players be a killing machine. Players won’t be killing alone, however, as they’ll have a sentient banana, Pedro, to come along for all of the madness that happens in every level.

Making it through each level isn’t going to be a cakewalk as players will need to constantly move and flip about strategically through intense firefights filled with foes, obstacles, objects like frying pans, and so much more. All the action gameplay is the delicious banana pudding of My Friend Pedro, but there’s also a nice dose of physics-based puzzles throw into the mix to make the pudding even better.

Sounds pretty wild, right? Well, this is a game that basically needs to be played or at least seen in order to truly be understood.

My Friend Pedro is stylish making its way to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam tomorrow. Those that want the Steam version can get a nice 15 percent pre-purchase discount, only if they pre-purchase it today since, you know, the game releases tomorrow.

Get a quick dose of potassium and badassery by watching the My Friend Pedro launch trailer below.

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Brad Crespo

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