Romance Visual Novel ‘My Fair Princess’ Gets New English Trailer

Sol Press has launched the first English trailer for the PeaSoft developed romance visual novel My Fair Princess, coming to Steam soon.

The trailer introduces the visual novel’s characters and setting to hold off western fan until its upcoming release. My Fair Princess tells the story of Satoshi Kanamori, a student who attends the prestigious Ryokufuuin Academy on scholarship. Throughout the story, players will witness how Satoshi deals with the weight of attending such a high-class academy without really fitting in the role. However, this doesn’t stop underclassman Hitomi Miyazono from adoring him and wants to do whatever she can to make his time at the school comfortable. Along with his friends Ayame Enatsu and Rin Washio, the group will learn things about Satoshi that he is hiding.

My Fair Princess focusses on social classes and not fitting into a group. It just so happens that one day, Kana Takamine, the school’s celebrity, assigns him to be the leading role during this year’s Ryokufuu Fest. The story then follows the students as they try to make this festival a success.

My Fair Princess is currently about to enter QA.

You can watch the game’s Eglish trailer below introducing the cast:

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