Visual Novels ‘My Fair Princess’ and ‘Choose Your Mistress’ Will Contain Mosaics in the West

Sol Press announced that the PeasSoft developed romance visual novels My Fair Princess and Choose Your Mistress will be released in the west with the same mosaics as their Japanese release.

This announcement comes after the publisher announced that the game will not contain mosaics in the adult content. However, during localization, it was discovered that it wouldn’t be possible for them to release the uncensored version in the west. This is due to the demosaiced files being damaged in PeasSoft’s database with no other backups to exist. The cost to redraw the assets are extremely high so the publisher has opted to release the game in the west as scheduled and will issue a future update for the game if the demosaiced files are found.

The version released in the west will be the same released in Japan, but western fans bring up how the laws of this kind of content differ between regions and want these mosaics taken off the game’s localized. With that said, a lot of Japanese developers, especially eroge visual novel developers, don’t ever plan to have their games released outside of Japan., and the high-quality uncensored assets are usually lost or simply thrown away because there isn’t a need for them.

My Fair Princess focuses on social classes and not fitting into a group. It just so happens that one day, Kana Takamine, the school’s celebrity, assigns him to be the leading role during this year’s Ryokufuu Fest. The story then follows the students as they try to make this festival a success.

My Fair Princess is scheduled to release on August 16 and Choose Your Mistress has an October 18 planned release date.

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