Puzzle Adventure ‘My Dear Frankenstein: English Edition’ Gets September Release Date

Moonchime Studios announced that the Number7-developed puzzle adventure, My Dear Frankenstein: English Edition, will launch on PC-via Steam and itch.io on September 30, 2021.

My Dear Frankenstein: English Edition tells the story of a newborn monster named Adam, where players will experience a traditional point-and-click adventure with visual novel elements. Adam has just been born at the hands of a scientist named Miguel. A ghost claiming to be his friend says, “Your heart shattered, and its fragments got scattered about. Let’s collect them together.”

This leads Adam to explore the city during the night time to search for pieces of his heart. Along with way, he’ll meet other characters and unravel the mystery of his existence. Other characters such as Paige and the Doctor will also pop up from time to time to inject in certain story elements.

Exploration includes puzzle elements where players search through the City of Shipberry to find these heart fragments. Throughout the main campaign, players will also uncover a story, but additional things to do extend the story, such as collecting items and finding secrets. Players who do more will unlock new story elements that lead to one of five endings. This increases the replayability of the game that is about 7 hours long.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of My Dear Frankenstein: English Edition.

You can check out screenshots below:

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